As a lecturer at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, I am in charge of several courses—currently five. However, my teaching experience is definitely wider—I have conducted many lectures and practical courses in my career.

Current Teaching

  • Sociology of the Internet

    Sociology of the Internet

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    This lecture class explores the relationships between the Internet and social phenomena that sociologists have traditionally investigated, such as capitalism, political participation and activism, democracy, the development of communities, social norms and values, traditional media (radio, television, and film), popular culture, economy, religion, and media literacy.

  • Digital Humanities

    Digital Humanities

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    Introduction to digital humanities (a lecture).

  • Online Research Methods

    Online Research Methods

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    This course concerns online research methods in social sciences and humanities. Students are tasked with conducting a research project.

  • Research Methods in Social Sciences

    Research Methods in Social Sciences

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    This course concerns research methods in sociology.

Teaching History

  • Contemporary Sociological Theories
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Macrosociology
  • Microsociology
  • Popular Culture and the Internet
  • Problems with Mass Culture
  • Research Project
  • Social and Cultural Influences of the Media
  • Social Systems and Structures
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Sociology of Institutions
  • Theories of Culture
  • Usage of Computers in Scientific Research and Didactics